Hey girls,

Yesterday I have bought three products of Beauty UK.

If you want to see some swatches and if you want to know what I think about them, keep on reading!

I had heard about Beauty UK before but I had never bought any products of this brand yet until I found a web shop that offered some of their products.

The webshop is called http://www.luxbeauties.com/
The shop offers a variety of make-up products of brands such as Beauty UK, MeMeMe, L'oreal, Maybelline and Hoola.

The Beauty UK products looked really nice and were within my price range ( they are very inexpensive!) so i decided to try out some stuff.

I ordered :
Eyeshadow Collection - Number 4 Earth Child
Lip Lust - Number 3 Date Night
Metallic Eye Spark - shade: Gold

I will start my review with the Metallic Eye Spark.
This product comes as a jumbo eyeshadow pencil with writing in the color of the actual shade.

The packaging is nice and actually kind of cute with the little hearts all over it.

The texture of the eyeshadow is a little creamy and it glides right on when you apply it, the color is a beautiful shade of gold with a little sparkle to it.

The second product i bought was the Lip Lust in Date Night.

This lip gloss has a nice tip to apply the product with and the tube lies easily in your hand.

The texture is creamy and it gives a hydrated feel to the lips. And above all: it does not have that sticky icky texture many lip glosses seem to have.

The color can be build up by applying more or less gloss and a normal amount gives you the result you can see below.

When I was contemplating my purchase, I was doubting if Date Night would be a good lip color for since my skin is a little tanned and I have dark eyes and dark hair but I have made the right decision by buying it cause it looks gorgeous! It has a pink but still quite nude color which is exactly what I like.

The third item i ordered was the Eyeshadow Collection - Nr 4 Earth Child.

I love the size of this palette! It's small enough to take with you while traveling or when you are on the go and need some touch-ups.

The palette contains a two-sides shadow applicator and a small strip of built in mirror ( which is also nice to have when you're out and about all day long) and most importantly it contains 8 eyeshadows.

As you can see, the palette really got named correctly: most shades are neutral, nature colors going from browns to greens, to grey and black.

The pigmentation is good but I have eyeshadows that give me more product with one sweep but for the price I am not complaining.
Plus: when I applied the shades with a brush later on, the pigmentation looked great and there was no problem at all.

My favorite shades are the third of the upper row, which is a brown color with a purple/bordeaux undertone, and the fourth of the second row, which is a white beige color.

Swatches below ( Click on the pictures for a closer view!)

I have created a look today using the eyeshadow palette and the lip lust.
From the shades I used: the third and firth of the upper row and the first and the fourth of the second row.

I have to say I am pretty pleased with the results and the products.

Also the service at Luxbeauties is super, so for the Belgian girls who are interested in cosmetics, pay them a visit!
Plus: they ship all over Europe!

Where did  I buy these products?

eyeshadow palette Earth Child: 5€
Lip lust in Date Night: 3,99€
Metallic Spark Pencil: 3,99€

Did you like this article?
Would you try out these products? What other Beauty UK products do you girls like?

Xoxo, Leyla

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