Hey girls!

Since it is winter and it's cold and snowy outside ( yes, even now that it's almost march!), our hair and our skin goes through hard times.

I noticed my skin was dry and could use some hydration so I decided to make my homemade face and body scrub to scrub away they dead skin cells, stimulate my blood flow and revive my skins.

It doesn't mean the weather is bleak, that your skin should be as well... and what's more pleasant than pampering yourself under a hot shower while snow is twirling down outside?

Let's start with what you'll need to prepare this scrub:

2 table spoons of fine white sugar
♥ 2 table spoons of castor sugar / brown sugar
♥ 2 table spoons of lemon juice ( or less if you like it more chunky)
♥ half a table spoon of your favorite body/hair oil
♥ a spoon
♥ a little jar or cup

Let's continue step by step:


♥ Take your little jar or cup.

♥ Add in both the white and             brown sugar .

♥ Mix well.


♥ Add a spoon of lemon juice.

♥ Mix.

♥ Add the second spoon of            lemon juice.

♥ Mix everything.

If you want the prepare this for a facial scrub: you are done!
If you have very dry skin you could put in the oil for use on your face but since I have combination to oily skin, I don't think it's a good idea for me to add in oil.

If you want a hydrating body scrub: go on with the next step!

♥ Take the oil of your choosing.
    I used cactus oil cause I love     the smell of it.

♥ Add in half a table spoon.

♥ Mix everything well and voila!
            You are done!


♥ Now hop into your shower...

♥... and scrub, scrub away!

♥ Afterwards your skin will feel soft and super hydrated.


Did you like this DIY? Are you going to try it out?

Xoxo, Leyla

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