Hey girls!
Even though the last few days have been really nice, sunshine, nice temperatures, no rain... nevertheless it's still winter and temperatures might go down again and have their effect on our skin and especially our faces.

Lately when I touch my face, I don't get a smooth, silky feeling and this bothers me. At places my faces was a little flaky, for example where I had suffered from an acne 'outbreak'.

So I decided to try something out and it worked wonders!

All you need is the following:

- towel
- a cup of water
- a toothbrush (unused)
- a day cream, serum, face mask, nourishing mask

My toothbrush had hard bristles, I would suggest to buy one with medium hard bristles cause well we want to clean the face, not damage it.
If you only have a hard bristle toothbrush, don't rub too hard.

Ofcourse, start with removing your make-up completely.

After that, dip your toothbrush into the warm water and start somewhere on your face. It doesn't matter where you want to start.

Make circular movement all over your face and stick the toothbrush back into the warm water every now and then.

After you have moved all over your face and no longer see any dead skin flakes and your cheeks have a nice red glow you are ready to wash your face, to be sure you get all the icky stuff off.

After that, dry off and apply your daily face products or if you really want to pamper yourself, put on a nourishing and hydrating face mask, add two cucumber slices and just chill for 15 minutes while dreaming that you are chillaxing on the beach in some tropical paradise...
A tip: You could also use a electric toothbrush or you could of course buy the clarisonic facial cleaner but this is a little outside of my budget so i'll stick to my normal little toothbrush.
After you are finished, you will feel refreshed, the circulation in your face will have had an extra boost and your skin will look fresh and dewy and will feel silky smooth!

What do you girls think?

Xoxo, Leyla

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