Hi girls!

As I have received many compliments on my hair lately, I wanted to share one of my beauty secrets: hair oil!

I discovered hair oil for the first time while I was in Egypt with the hubbie. His sisters were putting it on their kids hair and I got curious about it and decided to buy me a bottle.

There are many different brands and purposes of hair oil: for example you have hair oil for thicker hair, better growth, more shine, less hair breakage, etc. But i usually go for the one that smells the best. I mean, the oil will do its work and it will always have a good effect, but I'd rather walk around smelling great instead of smelling horrible.


My first hair oil was the Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil.

It contains coconut for making the hair thicker and stronger, rosemary which prevents hair loss and vitamine E to nourish and soften the hair.

It's specialty is Volume and Thickness of the hair.

I did like this products and this is the one that got me hooked on hair oil products, but I got tired of the smell after a few months so I wanted to try out something new.

When I went to my 'henna - guy' here in Belgium, I discovered he also offered a whole range of hair care products including hair oils and I decided to try one from another brand.

I bought the Tara Amla Hair Oil for about €2, but as soon as I applied it the first time I regretted my decision: it smells horrible!

When I came home and showed my hubbie what I bought he said: "oh nooo, not this one, it smells so bad!"

And he was right. I applied it once but after that, it has been sitting in the back of my closet, untouched. On the net I do find many people who like it but I have only tried it once so I can't say anything about the effectiveness.

It contains: Light mineral oil, Amla extract, UV filter, Anti-dandruff agent and Perfume.

On a new visit to Egypt, I decided to try out another Vatika hair oil.

This time I bought the Dabur Vatika Cactus Hair Oil and i just love it!

It made my hair super soft, super shiny and super nourished. Plus, it smells heavenly!

The one I have contains Cactus which prevents hair loss and repairs the hair shaft and makes the hair smooth and thick. It also contains Olive to strengthen the hair and Black Cumin to treat split ends.

It has the best combination of ingredients for me. I used to have a lot of split ends and now my tips are super healthy plus this oil seems to have the same effect as the coconut oil so that's great.

I have recently bought the same oil for my cousin, but when I compared my bottle and hers, I noticed hers contains Garger and Garlic instead of Olive and Black cumin, but it smells exactly the same.

Garger helps nourish the hair from root to tip and Garlic, along with other ingredients, helps control hair fall, so it will have pretty much the same effect.

Vatika has 2 more hair oil products in their range:
    Almond hair oil                         and                         Olive hair oil

Dabur Vatika Enriched Almond Hair Oil is a premium oil which has a nourishment of almonds enriched with extra benefit of Hibiscus, Olives, Muskroot & other trusted herbs, to give you problem free beautiful hair.
Almonds help strengthen hair from root to tip, Hibiscus helps maintain color of hair & fights hairfall, Muskroot along with other ingredients help strengthen hair and Olive oil nourishes hair & restore luster to dull hair.

Dabur Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil contains Virgin Olive Oil and nourishing extracts of Almonds, Cactus and Lemon. Vatika's unique formulation ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment for problem free, beautiful hair.
Almond coats, conditions and softens your hair, Cactus gives your hair volume and health and Lemon regulates sebum flow & helps keep dandruff away.

I strongly recommend one of these products to anyone with dry hair, split ends or any other hair care problems. It really helped my hair a lot!

Where can you find these products?
You can ofcourse buy a L'oreal hair oil for €10 or you can try one of these. I bought mine in Egypt, but I'm sure your local North-African, Middle Eastern shop will sell them as well.

I bought mine In Royaume de le Femme located at Abdijstraat 56-58 in Antwerp.

Depends on the size: going from €2 to €4,50 I think, so not expensive at all for a product that will do wonders for your hair!

What do you girls think about these products?
Would you like me to write about how I apply my oil?

Xoxo, Leyla

10/3/2013 11:58:33 pm

Hey cousin,

I've tried the hair oil you gave me and it smells delicious! When I washed my hair after having it a couple of hours in my hair, it felt so soft, normaly it feels very dry and not very smooth, but I directly felt the difference! I think this is amazing!
And you don't need a lot oil to put in your hair, just a litlle bit and you can feel the difference. Most of the time the oils are very expensive and you need soooo much so the botlle is almost empty after it a few times, but not with these.

Thanks cousin for the great oil you gave me!
(& I hope my english is not very shameful hahahahahahaha ;D)

11/3/2013 12:21:38 am

Hallooo'tjes :D

Het mag ook int Nederlands, de comments hoor haha en nee uw Engels was echt wel goed hoor ;)

Fijn dat ge tevreden zijt :D Ik zei u dat da goed spul was he! Ik zal volgende keer mijn cocosnoot olie ook eens meenemen en dan kunt ge eens ruiken of ge die mss nog lekkerder vind.

You are welcome! :D Xx

18/7/2013 02:20:46 pm

I just bought it olive one lets see si far my hair me brain feels relaxed haha

28/7/2013 10:25:25 pm

Hi I just came across this. I've been using Vatika garlic oil but after several washes it just won't come off and my hair looks super greasy! Any advice? Thanks

18/10/2013 03:37:14 am

When do u apply vatika cactus hairfall control? And also their other hair oils such as the coconut hair oil? Waiting for your response. Thanks.

1/1/2014 01:40:48 am

Do you mind letting me know where you got it from in egypt? i've been looking everywhere for them and I cant seem to find them.

9/6/2014 02:29:47 pm

Hello Dear

I wish to share with you something today. I purchased Kesh Vardhak herbal hair drops from a India company in Dubai Exhibition in Deceember 2013.

I noticed it has very good aroma oil fragrance which was natural. It stopped my hair fall problem and itching scalp problem in a 10 days times.

I was really wonder when I noticed that some new hair are coming back on my alopecia patch.

I suggest all of you to try once that product. If you want to know more you may visit their website: www.kadyanoverseas.com

23/11/2014 01:55:07 pm

I discovered hair oil for the first time while I was in Egypt with the hubbie. His sisters were putting it on their kids hair and I got curious about it and decided to buy me a bottle.

5/7/2015 08:33:22 am

Hi ladies.

I apply really little of the oil on my hair after shampooing and rinsing the hair. Wash hair with shampoo again and condition. Also, after styling apply a drop to the shaft ONLY because it will be greasy. My hair feels amazing, soft, shiny and frizz free. It even feels thicker.

13/12/2017 12:37:20 am

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2/2/2018 11:04:15 pm

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