Hey girls!

Ever since the Essie brand started being sold in Kruidvat, I have had my eye on them. The only thing stopping me was the high price tag.

When you can get a decent nailpolish for €2 or €3, the Essie polishes just are a little too expensive for me, costing €11 a piece.

Now 2 weeks ago, my cousin found this great deal on Essie products on Bol.com and we decided to buy some. You could buy 3 nail polishes for €20 so that's about €6,50 per polish, which is a much better price.

My cousin chose Guchi Muchi Puchi and Lavender:

I chose Bahama Mama:

I had been looking for a purple shade of nail polish for a long time and this one looked like the color I had in mind.

The color is really pretty but even so, I'm not completely satisfied with it.
To get this color I had to apply 3 coats. Your €11 bottle will be empty fast if you always have to apply 3 coats!

Another element I was not pleased with was the coverage: the polish stays thick in some places and much lighter in other places which of course does not look nice.

The durability, on the other hand, is good. I have been wearing this polish for 4 days now and it has not started chipping yet. I did apply one coat of see trough top coat nail polish.

Even though the color is pretty and the polish stays on the nails for quite some days, I had expected more of Essie.

I keep finding gorgeous pictures on the internet of Bahama Mama covered nails, but I can't get my nails looking that gorgeous.

So would I buy another Essie polish in the future?
If it is on sale and if it is a color I really love, I might.

Have you girls bought an Essie polish yet?
What is your opinion about it?

Xoxo, Leyla

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