Hey ladies!

Yesterday I paid my weekly visit to one of my favorite shops here in Belgium, namely Kruidvat.

Last week I noticed the new Limited Edition of Catrice Cosmetics was available but had already, pretty much, been plundered.

I did get my hands on the Cream Brush in the shade: Discreet Artist, which is the lightest of the 3 colors available. The blushes were already the product of this limited edition that interested me the most so I was pleased I got one of the blushes to try out.
The three shades carry the following names:

Light pink: Dicreet Artist
Pink: Picked Cherry Blossoms
Red: Madam Butterfly
Before I could start testing it out, I did not really know what the best way is to apply cream blush. I tried with my blush brush, which turned out to be a bad choice.

I have discovered that for me the best way to blend the blush well is to apply it with 2 clean(!) fingers. I use my index finger and my middle finger and gently pat the blush onto my cheek.

If you apply too much or have a hard time blending things out evenly, you can use a beauty blender or a make-up sponge to take off the excess or to blend things out.

In the video I added at the end of this article you can see one of my favorite make-up guru's talk about applying cream blush.

I love the color of Discreet Artist, because it gives a healthy but yet subtle flush to the cheeks. The other two shades are too bright in my opinion but I guess if you dose it right, it can look pretty as well.
I'm absolutely in love with this blush and I have been wearing every day this week and I have a feeling it will stay my favorite blush for quite some time.
Yesterday I paid my weekly visit to Kruidvat in another establishment than the one I usually go to and to my surprise they still had a few items of this Limited Edition, so I grabbed me another Discreet Artist!

If you don't know how to apply the blush right from the first time, don't give up! After a few times it will come natural. The video below might help!
Where can I find these blushes?
You can temporarily find them in establishments of Kruidvat in Belgium, The Netherlands.


Xoxo, Leyla
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