Hi girls!

I have recently made an order on the Belgian site of Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) and I wanted to share with you what I think about the new baked eyeshadows.

ELF recently added these eyeshadows to their selection of beauty products.
There are 6 colors which is not much and I therefore hope that they do plan on expanding this range of shadows cause I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them.

The six shades are called: Enchanted, Pixie, Toasted, Bark, Burnt Plum and Dusk.

I have ordered from ELF in the past and I was quiet pleased with my order.

Well, actually I was not pleased with everything I ordered in the past: the nailpolish colors NEVER turn out to be the color shown on the website and the 1€ eyeshadows and lipsticks... well you paid 1€ so that's the quality you get. So I wasn't too happy with the quality of those products.

The brushes ( that by the way also come with a 1€ range) I do love, but I'll have a separate review about those later on.

Now back to our baked eyeshadows:

They looked great so I decided to buy 2, namely Bark and Burnt Plum.

When I opened up my package, the first thing I saw was the black packaging of the 'professional range' which i really like. It looks much better than the cheap 1€ packaging.
When I opened the lid of the eyeshadow, they looked really pigmented and they turned out to be just that. I read you can use them both wet and dry so I tried that out and you can see this in the swatches below.

                  DRY                                                             WET
I am just totally in love with these eyeshadows! Especially Burnt Plum, which I did not expect at all. I usually wear nude colors and brown shades and I'm not so into purple but this color is just absolutely gorgeous!

The pigmentation is just crazy, especially when you keep in mind the price, it's just amazing!
Next time I order from ELF, I am 100% I will purchase the other shades as well. Let's hope ELF decided to expand this range! Also, this experience made me curious about the ELF baked blushes. I did want to order one to try these out, but they were all sold out.

I do recommend these shades to anyone that is looking for good quality at a low price!

Where can you find these shadows?

4€ or 3$

Would you girls try these shadows out?
What other ELF products do you love?

Xoxo, Leyla

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