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As I told you a few days ago in my review of the Urban Decay Naked Palette 1, I had been contemplating buying the second one.

Well since I'm not rich and 50$ is still a lot of money, I decided to wait...

Until i discovered a website called DHgate.com and after looking around a bit, I found the Naked Palette 2 (UDNP2).

After looking at the seller's pictures of the item and reading the reviews I decided to go for it with suspicion in mind.

Why you ask? Well, the Naked Palettes are being sold on this website for $10 a piece. The first thing that popped into my mind was: "This cannot be real". But I decided to risk it and test it out.

First a little more information about DHgate:

DHgate is a wholesale website like Ali-express and such, it's kind a wholesale 'E-bay'. A Chinese E-bay, which was my second marker that these products could be fake.

DHgate works the same as E-bay, but the only difference is that when you order something and pay for it with Sofort ( which seems to be the only payment method available for Belgium), you don't pay the seller: you pay DHgate.

Then you wait and this can take a while! I had to wait almost 4 weeks before my arrived. After you receive your order you can check it out and see if everything is how it should be, etc.

After this you go to your account on DHgate and press 'complete order'. At that moment DHgate sends your money to the seller.
I think this is great, it was a big element in persuading me to order from this website because this guarantees buyer safety.

The full information on how the website works, can be found on Dhgate.com

Now back to our palette!

When I opened my package, I could not believe my eyes.
The packaging, the box, the information on the box, the metal tin the eyeshadows came in,..... It all looked original!

The hoarder I am, I still had the plastic packaging of my Naked Palette 1 (which I KNOW is original and genuine). So I started comparing.
I could not find any mistake!

So I started believing I had actually bought a real Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 for $10!

Then I opened the tin and saw the eyeshadows:

The consistency looked different than those from my Naked Palette 1 and when I started swatching them, I was sure: this was a fake.

This palette contains: 4 matte and 8 shimmery eyeshadows.

Matte:          Foxy, Bootycall, Tease and Blackout
Shimmer:     Half Baked, Chopper, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK                             and Busted.
From the swatches below you will see that the matte shades are not of a very quality. Although I have to admit that when I was applying it to my eyelids the quality was quite alright. Ok, you have to dab your brush in a little harder than in the others, but that's it.

I have never really been a 'Matte Eyeshadow' enthusiast, so I don't really mind these aren't of the best quality.

The other 8 shimmery colors ARE of good quality. Maybe not 100% Urban Decay quality but still great! Look at the pigmentation in the swatched below, it's unbelievable!
To get these swatched I just put my finger on the eyeshadow and pressed down once and that's it! So the pigmentation is awesome!

I absolutely love the shades: Chopper, YDK and Busted. They look so pretty!

I have been trying to wear them during the day and they last quite long, especially when you apply an eyeshadow primer first. I didn't notice any difference with the the shades of the UBNP1 concerning staying put all day long.

Even though, this product is a fake, I'm quite pleased.
2/3 of the eyeshadows are very pigmented and long lasting and well, just absolutely gorgeous!

Is this products for you?
Are you looking for a palette like the UBDN2 but don't want to spend $50 on it? You don't mind that it's not the original palette? Then YES

Will you only be satisfied with the original palette? Do you want those exact colors? Then NO
( I can't guarantee the colors will match 100% with the original UDNP2).

How did I know for sure it was a fake, you ask?
This palette has one color that is also included in the Naked Palette 1 of which I own the original. I lined both of them up and found out the colors don't match 100% but are close. See for yourself below:

 Left: Naked Palette 1 (original)          Right: Naked Palette 2 DHgate version

Would I order again from DHgate?

I am pleased with the product (even though it is not a genuine Urban Decay)
Cheap price
Good costumer service
Buyer protection payment system
Free shipping

Product is fake ( they say it comes straight from the brand factory :s )
The sellers are often Chinese, so they don't speak English well.
        (Costumer service does speak English well and react fast!)
The waiting period: 11 - 27 days
The mailing system: My order got mailed with HongKong Post and I could         not track it at all.
Most sellers make you order 10 - 20 -50 pieces of palettes etc, I don't like         that, but if you follow the link below, you end up with the seller I                 bought my product from and he sells big quantities and single pieces.

It seems like I was not pleased with my purchase, but I am, I just had a few minor issues and I did not know how exactly the website worked in the beginning, which caused me to be confused.
You just have to see what you like or if you want to order or not. I'm just sharing the experience I had :)

To visit the shop of the seller I bought my palette from, click here!

Look created with shades: Foxy, Booty Call, Chopper and YDK.
What do you girls think about this product?
And about DHgate?

Xoxo, Leyla
30/8/2013 09:15:25 am

Loved this!!! Was really useful but my only concern is whether this product has NAKED2 printed on the lid and packaging!? Thankyou xx


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