Hey girls!

A while ago I reviewed the Urban Decay Naked Palette for you. For the people who like the color Sin, I have some good news!

Catrice brought out a few new eyeshadow colors in their Intensif'eye wet & dry shadows.

One of those eyeshadows is called 100 Glamourose which is a soft pink color. The shadows can be used both dry and wet.

The dry version is not that great but if you wet your brush a little, the pigmentation is awesome!

The  wet color reminded me of the color Sin in the Urban Decay Naked Palette 1, only a little more pink. But it comes close.

So for the girls who are interested in buying this Urban Decay shade, Glamourose of Catrice comes close and costs just a fraction of the Urban Decay shadow.

Check out the swatches:

Left: Urban Decay Virgin
Middle: Urban Decay Sin
Right: Catrice Glamourose (wet)
As you can see the middle and the right color resemble each other very much. Of course the color won't be 100 percent the same but if you are looking for a nice dupe of this more expensive eyeshadow Glamourose of Catrice will do the trick.

Where to buy it + Price?
The Catrice shadow is sold at Kruidvat for the price of €3,89

What do you think of this product?

Xoxo, Leyla
31/5/2013 02:53:11 am

Thank you for this information! Glamourose is beautiful isn't it?
I reference this post in my blog post on catrice dupes, hope you don't mind


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