Hola chicas!

As a hennaya, I often browse the internet looking for new and original henna designs by other artists that might inspire me for my own work.

I might the flowers in design a, the details on the leaves in design b and the little squiggles and curls in design c and turn them into my own person design.

Today I was looking through my collection of mehndi design I have collected until now and I wanted to share with you girls the design that I just think are absolutely gorgeous and that inspire me to practice, practice, practice to become just as good as these girls are.

Artist: Henna Nekacha

Artist:Henna Kaoutar

Artist: Syra Skins

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Syra Skins

Which one of these designs do you like best and why?

Xoxo, Leyla

Rights reserved to the artists mentioned under each design:
Henna Kaoutar
Syra Skins
Henna Nekacha


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