Hola chicas!

Today I wanted to share with you the beautiful things I ended up winning lately.

I have always participated in give-away actions on Facebook,

I have liked and shared hundreds of pictures and pages, without any success until lately...

I participated in a give-away action of the Facebook page of a  web shop that sells cosmetics: Luxe Make-up Luxurious. The competition had three (!) prizes.
The person who brought the most friend requests would win first place.
It was so exciting cause I actually had a chance of winning this time. I ended up winning first prize with 1 vote more than the girl in second place. Fwiew!

Curious what I won?

As you can see, the prize included a foundation brush, a Beauty UK Extend FX Mascara Black and a 72 warm color eyeshadow palette.

I'm a neutral and nude eyeshadow lover so I was in seventh heaven with this gorgeous palette!

The palette and the mascara are still for sale on: http://www.luxbeauties.com

At about the same time as the make-up give-away,  I liked a  give-away for a gorgeous bracelet but had already forgotten about it, since I had never won any contest before.

Then I received a message that I was the lucky winner! Yay!

The bracelet itself arrived yesterday with the mail and it looks absolutely gorgeous, don't you think?
The blog that organized the give-away was ArabBeauty FashionFactory / http://thecherryfactor.com/
I was so surprised to win and I absolutely love the prizes!

What do you girls think?

Xoxo, Leyla

Hey girls,

It was Gozy's birthday today and things worked out perfectly!

I had sent him a package with the mail 3 weeks ago (!), thinking he would receive it on time for Valentine's day.

A few weeks earlier I had sent him a package and it arrived in one week, so I thought this one would as well.

Of course, his city decided to go an a complete strike: so no mail was being handled or delivered.

Until today! How perfect did this turn out to be? He got his gift on his birthday! I'm so happy!

Curious what I sent him?

The gifts I sent were nice but not expensive, cause they probably wouldn't have arrived! So more expensive gifts, will be given in person.

I got him a fleece sweater and some other pieces of clothing, some funny gadgets, pictures of us and lots of snickers and other chocolaty goodies.

I just wish I could celebrate his birthday by his side, instead of halfway across the world. I'd cook him dinner with looooots of chicken and I'd bake a birthday cake with Snickers or Nutella.

I would just do anything to make him happy, because he is the love of my life, el nour al ein. ❤ Kol sana ya habibi!

Xoxo, Leyla
Hello girls!

I will be taking my driving exam on Monday and I'm pretty nervous about it!
The driving is alright and the parking too, I'm just scared I will make stupid mistakes or I won't drive the way the examinator wants me to drive.

So to lift my spirit, I was looking at some videos of World's worst drivers and I figure I'm not bad at all.

Confidence Boost! ;)

Xoxo, Leyla