Hey girls,

It was Gozy's birthday today and things worked out perfectly!

I had sent him a package with the mail 3 weeks ago (!), thinking he would receive it on time for Valentine's day.

A few weeks earlier I had sent him a package and it arrived in one week, so I thought this one would as well.

Of course, his city decided to go an a complete strike: so no mail was being handled or delivered.

Until today! How perfect did this turn out to be? He got his gift on his birthday! I'm so happy!

Curious what I sent him?

The gifts I sent were nice but not expensive, cause they probably wouldn't have arrived! So more expensive gifts, will be given in person.

I got him a fleece sweater and some other pieces of clothing, some funny gadgets, pictures of us and lots of snickers and other chocolaty goodies.

I just wish I could celebrate his birthday by his side, instead of halfway across the world. I'd cook him dinner with looooots of chicken and I'd bake a birthday cake with Snickers or Nutella.

I would just do anything to make him happy, because he is the love of my life, el nour al ein. ❤ Kol sana ya habibi!

Xoxo, Leyla

01/03/2013 2:05pm

Haha, thats so sweet! Ik vind dit zoveel leuker dan een simpel cadeau.


01/03/2013 2:26pm

Ik vind het altijd leuk om er zo iets zelfgemaakt bij te steken en sinds ik het met de post naar Egypte moet opsturen, koop ik liever geen 'dure' dingen want dan komen ze heel waarschijnlijk niet aan... Die hou ik dan maar voor als ik bij hem ben.. Maar hem bij me hebben is gewoon the best gift of all! Xx


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