Hello girls!

I will be taking my driving exam on Monday and I'm pretty nervous about it!
The driving is alright and the parking too, I'm just scared I will make stupid mistakes or I won't drive the way the examinator wants me to drive.

So to lift my spirit, I was looking at some videos of World's worst drivers and I figure I'm not bad at all.

Confidence Boost! ;)

Xoxo, Leyla

28/02/2013 4:14am

Whatever you do, do not look at the examiner, that will put you off! Ignore him marking or writing, that will make you nervous. Just concentrate on the road, and do it like your doing a normal learning lesson with your instructor, and you will pass :)

Good luck!!! :)

Kirti x

28/02/2013 4:55am

Thank you for your advice!
I'm just a little nervous cause only 53% here passes on their first attempt.. and they fail you for the stupidest things so well yeah.
My father will be sitting next to me in the passenger seat and the examinator will sit in the back, so I won't really see him, I guess!

We'll see ;)

Xoxo Leyla


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