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Hoi meisjes!

Ik draag graag sjaals maar ben er niet erg creatief in.

Ik ging daarom op het internet op zoek naar nieuwe leuke manieren om sjaals te dragen.

Vooral de eerste video vind ik super leuk gemaakt en dacht dat het misschien ook wel leuk en handig voor jullie was, dus daarom deel ik het even!

Ik hou van sjaals en heb er ook een hele boel: van zijden sjaaltjes tot dikke gebreide winter sjaals. Ik vind het gewoon heerlijk om ze te dragen.

Één van de leukste sjaals die ik heb is deze: mijn kitty scarf!
Hoe schattig is dit, toch?! Aangezien het een dunner sjaaltje is, heb ik em nog niet veel kunnen dragen maar ik kijk al uit naar de dagen wanneer het weer net dat tikkeltje beter is.

Deze sjaal kocht ik op de webshop van Deep Devotion. Ik kocht deze echter wel een aantal maanden geleden en hij is er nu niet meer te krijgen.
Hoe dragen jullie het liefst jullie sjaal?

Xoxo, Leyla
Hey girls!

Normally I go shopping during the sales period or when I really need something new like pants or shoes cause the ones I had broke or don't fit well anymore, but lately a few items have caught my eye that I would love having in my closet.

Curious yet?

1. A jeans jacket

I love the jacket Nicole Richie is wearing! I'm usually not really into jeans clothing items but I have seen some nice jackets lately, so I think I might have to purchase one soon. I'm just looking for the perfect one.

2. Army jacket

I just thinks this looks awesome! It adds a little spunk to a basic outfit. I think it gives you a kind of tough look and I like that.. so I'm definitely on the look-out for one of these.

3. Bad-ass print T-shirts

I love me a T-shirt with a nice print on it! Unfortunately I don't have too many of those so I'm always on the look-out for them.
The Batman shirt just looks too awesome, don't you agree? The Superman one I am wearing while I'm writing this article.

4. Studded boots

Take a look at these bad boys! I just LOVE 'em!
They would toughen up my look and fit amazingly with my studded leather jacket I bought at Primark a few months ago.

5. Maxi skirt
When I was younger I used to wear skirts all day and every day, but the last few years I mostly wear pants. I want to change that and switch up my style a bit. Add some variation. I think a maxi skirt would be a great beginning.

What do you girls think? What items do you have your eye on?

Xoxo, Leyla
Hello girls,

I just wanted to share with you my latest bling-bling purchases. All my friends know I can never have enough jewellery so it's no surprise I have bought some new goodies!

Check it out!

These earrings I bought in a small alternative shop in my hometown.
They are 925 sterling silver with a little gold, they are handmade and from Bali. I just love them cause they are unique!

These beauties I have bought from an online shop called Jeanne D'Or.
She sells the prettiest authentic jewellery. These earrings are authentic Afghani Kuchi earrings and I'm just totally in love with them! I can't wait for summer so I can wear them more often...

My first spiky bling-bling!
I found these when I visited New Look, a shop where I don't usually go to.
I was lucky: there was a promotion going on which came in very handy, namely: Buy one piece of jewellery, get one for free! Who can resist that? ;)

All the goodies above came from one of my favorite shops in Antwerp: Royaume de la Femme. I go there to buy my henna products but i can NEVER resist buying some of their pretty make-up or jewellery goodies.

Going there always puts me in a good mood cause they have Arab music blasting from the speakers which brings back memories of shopping in Egypt with gozy.

They sell my favorite Vatika Cactus hair oil, sewak, great henna products, khol and magic lipsticks so I just love going there!

They also sell hijab and other Arab clothing.

I haven't bought all these goodies together but in 2 different visits to the shop but I can never get enough! And the prices don't help, cause it's not expensive at all!

At the moment I'm totally in love with my khamsa charm bracelet. Doesn't it look gorgeous?
What do you girls think?

Xoxo, Leyla
Two trends that are very popular nowadays are spikes and skulls.
I never used to be into this kind of style, but lately I seem to be like these trends more and more.

I collected some pictures of Spikes 'n Skulls bling-bling.

I have some spiky jewellery already but I am still on the look-out for some nice skull arm candy.

What do you girls think about these trends?
Which one do you like more?

Xoxo, Leyla