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Let's start this Thursday morning with a lesson about henna stains.

Legend has it that the darker and brighter the bride's henna stain gets, the more she is loved by her future in-laws, including her groom. It is no wonder that every bride-to-be eagerly seeks the brightest, deepest, richest henna stain.

The color of your henna stain, however, is not a prediction of whether or not your future family-in-love will love you but it is determined by the products used, the period of time the henna actually is in contact with the skin and the location on the body where the paste is applied.

There are a million and one different henna pastes out there, that all assure a deep dark and bright staining result. Many of these products would predicts a bleak future if a bride was to believe the color of her wedding stain. The product used makes a huge difference!

I have tried out different kinds and I have noticed a great difference between them.
A second important factor is the period of time henna paste stays on the body. This is logical of course, because the longer the paste stays in contact with the skin, the darker the stain can become.

In my opinion a great result can be achieved if you follow these steps:
- Let the henna paste completely dry on the skin.

- Then you take a cotton swab and lightly dab on some olive oil or as I do:         cactus hair oil.

- Now you let the henna paste dry again.

- After this you can remove the paste of if you want an even darker stain,         continue with the next step.

- Get an old bandage or an old sock. Stick your hand in or wrap around your     DRIED (!) henna design.

- Now go to sleep and leave the bandage or sock around the design all             night.

- When you wake up, remove the bandage/sock and remove the paste. Your     stain will now we nice and dark!

Placement on the body
A third element that will determine the darkness of your henna stain is the placement on the body. Certain body parts allow for better staining.
As we can see on the image above, the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands are the places where henna will stain darkest.

So brides-to-be, keep this in mind if you want to assure a dark henna stain and guarantee a bright future with your husband-to-be! ;)

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