Aloha chickies!

Today I wanted to share 2 products I had my eye on when Essence announced they would be available this month:

the Vintage District  duo lipstick and gloss in the color Antique Pink

and the Vintage District Blush named 01 It's Popul-art.

I was a little late noticing this trend edition had actually come to Kruidvat already so a number of products of this limited edition had already been plundered. In the first shop I visited I only found the other lipstick/gloss and the eyeliner sealers which I did not really want to try out.

The blush was the one thing I really just wanted to have, I mean how could you not just want to have this? It looks absolutely gorgeous! So I was disappointing when I found out I was too late.

A week later I visited another Kruidvat and guess what? They had both the lipstick/gloss I wanted and one last blush! In the end I did get this little treasure!

It just looks so pretty, I don't even know if I'm going to use it as make-up, I just want to put it somewhere I can look at it. :p

Doesn't this just look gorgeous? I'm afraid if I'll use it I will ruin it! But nevertheless, I did swatch the different colors for you girls.
I have also tried out the lipstick and the lip gloss separately for you girls:
From the duo lipstick and gloss, I really like the lipstick, it's a soft pinky color and it looks quite nice on me. The gloss on the other hand, I don't that much. It looks a little 'orangy' and well I just don't like the way it looks without anything under it. Maybe combined with a darker lipstick or lipstain it might look nice.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with these 2 products, but with some elements more than others.

Have you girls bought any products of this limited edition? Which would you like to own?

Where can I buy these products?

Temporarily at Kruidvat in Belgium and the Netherlands ( but probably as good as sold out by now)

I think I paid 3,99€ for the blush
and 2,99€ for the duo lipstick/gloss

Xoxo, Leyla

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