Hey girls!

Today I want to show you a few new eyeshadows I have bought this week.

Shame on me, I don't remember the name of the shop where I bought it.

But I suspect this brand can be found in many shops in the Abdijstraat in Antwerp since I bought it there. It was a shop I had previously never entered so I did not pay attention to the name of the shop.

I had seen this brand before but did not expect much of it so I never bothered to buy any to try them out. Now there were some testers and to my surprise they quality seemed to be really good.

The colors were nice as well but not really what I usually go for. As you all know by now, my go-to look leans more towards natural nude colors but the pigmentation of these shadows was just amazing so I decided to try a few shades which I did not yet own.

As you can see, I chose 5 color that really differ from each other.
The shades didn't have names, only numbers.
I bought: number 3, 6, 8, 10 and 11.

I swatched them for you and you will see what I mean with great pigmentation! It's crazy and all of this for €1,50 per shade.

I still need to create some looks with them and wear them throughout the day, to see if they are also durable or if they fade after an hour.
An update will follow later on ;)

Now, check out the swatches! Click on the pictures for a closer look!

Number 3
: white

Number 6: purple

Number 8
: lime green

Number 10: brown
Number 11: greyish blue
My favorites are the purple, the lime green and the greyish blue shades. I just love how pigmented they are! And they aren't colors I would usually buy so I'm pleased with my purchase, it's a nice addition to what I already have.
Which shade do you like best?

Xoxo, Leyla
9/3/2013 12:03:12 am

Pigmentatie ziet er goed uit zeg! Vooral brown vind ik mooi <3

9/3/2013 12:24:25 am

Ja ik was echt verrast! Voor die prijs had ik er niet veel van verwacht, maar kvind ze echt super. Wel spijtig dat ik de naam van het winkeltje niet heb onthouden. Maar ik heb ze gekocht in de Abdijstraat in Antwerpen. Dus waarschijnlijk kan je ze daar op meerdere plaatsen vinden. Op mijn vaste shop adresje Royaume de la femme heb ik deze keer niet bij de make-up gekeken maar kan goed zijn, dat ze het daar ook verkopen!


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