Hey girls!

Today I want to share with you a product with a mysterious touch: Magic Lipstick!

I had seen these lipsticks when I was younger but did not understand who would wear green lipstick so I never tried them.

Last year when I was in Egypt with the hubbie I rediscovered them but yet again did not buy it cause I did not know its usage.

A few weeks ago, I went to my usual henna supplier and his shop is just amazing. I have to try hard not to buy everything he sells cause I love it all!
So i was browsing the hair oils, shampoos, miswaak, khol, henna, ... and I discovered they also sold the magic lipstick! And for 1€ so I could no longer resist.
The shop only sells the green lipstick and I have only discovered now, by surfing the net for more information, that there are actually a number of different colors such as blue, purple, orange and green. Each with their own magical effect.

As i have mentioned before, I have the green lipstick.

When I apply it, it turns my lips very pink as you can see in the before and after picture down below.

                BEFORE                                                    AFTER
I think this pink is a little too bright for me, since I usually wear more neutral or red shades on my lips but I do like it has this 'magical' effect.

Another remark I have to make is that the lipstick will have a slightly different effect on everybody since not every has the same natural lip color.

- Nice product

- Cute packaging

- Pretty colors

- Stays on lips for a long time

- Price: 1€
- Hard to remove (if you don't like the color, etc)

- I only found the green lipstick until now.

- Packaging does not close well (maybe I just grabbed one with the problem, so can't say this is true for all of the lipstick.)

For 1€, I am definitely pleased with this product but I would to try out the other shades as well especially the more neutral shades and the red one cause those colors suit me better.

I have bought mine in a local shop for 1€ but if you go on holiday to Morocco, Egypt, etc  I'm sure you can find it even cheaper.

For the girls, who can't wait to try it out: The lipstick is also available online
(at a higher price), in the following
web shops:

- http://www.islambazar.nl/magic-lipstick

- http://www.thefind.com/beauty/info-mood-magic-lipstick

Would you girls try this product?

Do you know where to find the other shades?

Xoxo, Leyla

27/6/2013 09:41:37 pm

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