Hello everyone!

I'm not usually someone who uses many hair products other than shampoo, for example : I don't even use conditioner or hairspray but the product I want to share with you guys is just amazing! It blew me away!

My mother was cleaning out her bathroom cabinet when she rediscovered this product: the metamorphose relaxx total repair spray.
She had bought this product from her hairdresser but had actually never used it. So I ended up getting it (yay, free stuff!). I did not really have high expectations because as I said: I don't really use many products on my hair... until the first time i sprayed it onto my hair... wauw!

My hair immediately became super soft and my fingers just glided through my locks. My hair was instantly untangled and the product has a delicious smell.

Online I found the following description of the product:

    "2-Fase haircare system for dry, permed and natural hair.
     The hair becomes easy to comb and regains its softness and shine.
     Shake well before use and spray onto wet or towel dry hair.
      Don't rinse. 150ml."

I usually spray this product on towel dry hair and only on the lengths of my locks and especially the ends. I never spray it onto my scalp because my hair easily starts feeling greasy and heavy.

I have been using the de metamorphose relaxx total repair spray for a few months now and I just love it! Since I have started using it, my hair looks more healthy, it feels super soft and I have more than once received compliments that my hair is so shine and healthy.

I can't say with a 100% certainty it is all thanks to this product because I have since a year I have started a completely new hair care system:
I only color my hair with natural henna, oil my hair at least once a week and try to stay away from heated tools such as hairdryers and flattening irons.
My spray is half empty, so I am already looking where to buy my new bottle.

People who struggle with broken ends or damaged hair should really try out this product. My hair ends used to be split and I always had the feeling my hair does not want to grow, but lately my hair has been growing amazingly and my end look healthy so I am a believer!

Where can I find this product?
You can ask your hairdresser about it or go to a hairdressers supply store. It's also available online on a number of webshops as are the shampoo, conditioner, etc of this range. (The bottles look pretty much identical so if you want to be sure you have the 2-fase spray, pay good attention!)

On my mother's bottle I found a price ticket with 11€ on it but I have seen it on a number of online stores with price tages of 6,50€ to 8,50€ (watch out: transportations fees will probably be added).
I think you will get a better price searching online or visiting a whole sale hairdresser supplies store than when you actually buy it from your hairdresser, even though it's definitely worth the money!

Would you guys try out this product? Do you have any other hair care products you love?

Xoxo, Leyla

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